One of the Best Japanese Baths 
The Hilton Niseko Village Hotel Onsen

This is one of the best Japanese baths, where from the rotenburo (outdoor bath) overlooking Mt. Yotei, you can really feel the beautiful vast nature of Hokkaido. The indoor bathing area with its classy, modern and spacious interior provides a luxurious mood.

The Hilton Niseko Village (Niseko Higashiyama) Hotel is located right at the bottom of Mount Annupuri - an entrance to the world of nature.

The rotenburo (outdoor bath) is definitely one of the best I have ever experienced. The breathtaking view of Mt. yotei surrounded by forest and nature is a rare sight to behold. The bath is also enclosed by a small pond containing large carp fish that swim up to to the edge of the bath you can almost touch them, a unique feature and the only one of its kind at any of the Japanese baths near Sapporo Japan or even Hokkaido for that matter.

This resort hotel offers plenty of fun all year round with skiing in the winter, and tennis, golf, horseback-riding during the summer season.

Make the most of your stay by taking part in their tennis school or a hot-air balloon flight.This hotel takes pride in their preparation of Hokkaido- style dishes using only the freshest of ingredients with menus to choose from to fit any budget.

Hotspring price: Adults - 1000yen, children - 500 yen

opening times: 12:00 - 21:00

Getting There


Tel: 0136-44-1111, Fax: 0136-44-3224

If you want to stay at the hotel you can book online or call them directly. You will get a discount if you book online.

By Bus

From Sapporo Station Bus Terminal there is a direct bus that costs 2,300 yen one-way. The journey takes approximately 3 hours during the winter but takes less time once winter is over.

call the Hilton Niseko Village Hotel to make a reservation.

By Train and Bus

There are regular trains from JR Sapporo Station. Take a train to Otaru and then a train to Kutchan. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and costs 1,790 yen one-way. From JR Kutchan Station take a bus to Niseko Hilton Hotel.

By Car

It's about 97kms away by car from Sapporo via State Road 230. It takes Approximately 90 minutes.

By Taxi it's 10 minutes from JR Niseko Station. (approx. JPY 2,000) and about 20 minutes from JR Kutchan Station. (approx.JPY 4,000).

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