Learn to snowboard

Skiing? No way! Snowboarding is what you should be doing to get that surfing on snow sensation in the powder mecca of the world, Hokkaido, Japan.

Experience the excitement of snowboarding with your own private instructor. All our instructors are long term residents of Sapporo that can speak English, Japanese, and Chinese and have many years of shredding the mountains around Hokkaido. Choose which resort or mountain you want to learn at or leave it up to us and we can select one suitable for you.

Lessons are conducted mainly in English, and we can help you with preparation, such as booking and trying on rental equipment (snowboard, boots, googles, clothes) and organizing transportation to and from the ski resort.

No matter the level, we can cater for all your snowboarding needs, so the pace and content of the lesson is entirely up to you. You want to take a break for a coffee? Sure! You want to take photos of the beautiful landscape? No problem! Remember, it is your holiday.


  • One-to-one lessons: Half-day for ¥20,000 or full-day for ¥25,000
  • Semi-private (2 people): Half-day for 25,000 or full-day for ¥30,000

  • Group lessons (3-4 people): Half-day for 30,000 or full-day for ¥35,000

* Prices do not include rental gear, transportation, or lift tickets. Please contact for more information.

* Half day = morning, full-day = morning and afternoon finishing at 3:30 pm at the latest.

Reservations and enquiries

For reservations, enquiries and any other questions you would like to know about the snowboard lessons please do no hesitate to contact us at bestofsapporojapan@gmail.com

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