FIFO International Party - June 2nd

(Sapporo, Japan)

FIFO International Party on June 2nd (Saturday) in Sapporo!

Enjoy a fun evening of drinks, networking, and cultural exchange while making great new friends.

The FIFO International Party is a great way to meet people from around the world for language practice, networking and career, or just having fun. Every FIFO event brings out lots of unique and interesting people. You'll have excellent opportunities for meeting excellent individuals, all while having a blast.

Admission is 3,000 yen including two drinks, or 2,500 yen if you register in advance on our website at

Come join us! We look forward to seeing you there! Please note our new party location in Sapporo!

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Jun 05, 2012
Lots of girls but overpriced
by: Jack

There were way more Japanese girls than there were foreign guys. The price was 3,000 yen which included two drinks for 3 hours, which I thought was a bit overpriced. If you made a reservation in advance the price was 2,500 yen. If you wanted more drinks you would have to pay 500 yen per drink.

I met a lot of Japanese girls who were mostly young, just graduated from University or were still in University. The girls seemed to be disappointed that there were not many men to speak to.

Also there was no food provided and you had to buy that separately. H's cafe was an ok venue. They removed the tables and dimmed the lights and put on some music, so it seemed like a small night club. H's cafe is usually a restaurant. The party finished at 10pm and then everyone had to leave. I guess they had to set the restaurant back up.

There wasn't anything that special about this International Party apart from the number of girls. I wouldn't pay 3,000 yen to go again though. It would be better if they did nomihodai (all you can drink)

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