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There are always activities and events happening in Sapporo Japan. From the world famous Sapporo Snow Festival to concerts and local bands playing live in downtown venues. Find out where the locals go. When in Rome …………

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For activity and event organizers this is the place if you want to promote and advertise your upcoming event. It’s really easy to list your event and only takes a short time to build your OWN page. Tell us all the details about your event and you can also add photos, maps, videos, and links, basically anything you like that you think will attract more people to your event. Remember to add any “selling points”. When you have finished, hit the submit button and we’ll do the rest. Easy as Sunday morning.

Why should you advertise with us?

You get a full page to show off your event or activity. There's room for lots of information, photos, links, maps, videos, etc. Anything you want to make you page more appealing.

If you do not have your own website, your advertisement will give you an instant presence on the web. If you do have a website, your advertisement will take people to your website.

Social Networking features are included with every advertisment. This will help you spread the word about your event. Post to Facebook or Tweet!

Your advertisement will also be automatically posted on to the Best of Sapporo Japan Facebook page so our followers will also find out about your event and then spread the word.

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