Soup Curry - Shorin

by Jon

Lamb soup curry

Lamb soup curry

I recommend Shorin in Asabu. It's on the Namboku line and about 15 minutes from Sapporo station.

They serve only one kind of soup, which is rich, thick with a tomato base and very good. Shorin is the only soup curry establishment I have been to that has big chunks of lamb on their menu. Not the thin strips of lamb that you normally find in Hokkaido, I mean big succulent cubes of lamb that melt in your mouth. It also comes with vegetables and with a spice level of 6 (extra 100 yen) presents the perfect combination. This will set you back 1080 yen. If you are really hungry, order a large portion of rice free of charge.

The only downside is the upstairs interior. It?s pretty bland and boring. Downstairs is much better and has character with some sofas and hand made wooden tables, completely different from the upstairs. It?s as if the designer of the place finished the downstairs and then quit, only to be replaced by a school canteen designer.


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Mar 03, 2012
by: Jess

I really like the cosy vibe here. The soup curry is nice and thick too, just the way I like it. You also get a point card so it you come enough times, you can get a free meal!

Oct 19, 2011
Thick soup
by: Jane

I really liked the thick soup here as I'm not a fan of the thin soupy type soup curry which seems to be the norm. Thick and rich is key.

May 24, 2011
Still Good
by: Ben

I used to go here all the time and also love the lamb dish. The staff are very friendly too and always remember me and my order. The upstairs decor is still a bit drab though. I thought they would have sorted that out by now. Good soup curry mind you.

May 17, 2011
Nice recommendation
by: James

Thanks for the recommendation. Spot on about the lamb dish! Will definitely go there again.

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