Ski Japan at Fu's in Sapporo Japan

Ski Japan at Fu's ski area in Sapporo Japan, if you are learning how to snowboard or want to spend a few hours honing your skills in the park.

front of fu's ski area

This is a great little local ski area that is ideal for beginners and has a great view of Sapporo City. There are very few runs here so it is not recommended for intermediate or advanced people, however it is great for people who want to practice their 360s or board slides as the park has a range of good features and is well-maintained.

Many of the local sponsored riders come here so if you come in the evening you will see some pretty crazy jumps off the kickers.

fu's park

Fu's never really gets over-crowded as it is very small and does not offer that much terrain and there is no off-piste, therefore the tickets are very cheap. You will see many high school lessons going on or the Self Defence Force training with their cross country ski's. There is also a mogul field with a mini ski-jump if you like that sort of thing.

I like to come here during the end of the season on a sunny day and throw some tricks down in the park.

Because Fu's is right next to Sapporo Japan it is also very low towards sea level, therefore it doesn't get that much snow so don't expect any powdery Japan snow that is so common in Hokkaido. If you are looking for powder this is definitely not the place to come.

Resort Info

fu's resort map

Number of courses: 6

Terrain: Beginner 60%, Intermediate 30%, Advanced 10%

Number of Lifts: 3

Park: Rails, boxes, kickers, quarter pipe

Night skiing until 9pm

TEL: 011-591-8111

Fu's ski area is open from December to March but dates may vary depending on snow conditions.


fu's price list

Getting There

Take the Namboku (green) subway line to Makomanai station which is at the end of the line and takes about 15 minutes from Sapporo Station.

Take the free Fu's bus. To find the bus stop cross the main street in front of Makomani station and it is down the first street on the left next to the baseball field on the corner.

fu's bus stop

Fu's Bus Schedule

fu's bus times

The bus operates from Early December until the end of March.

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