Shabu shabu Onyasai

Onyasai 温野菜 is your bog standard shabu shabu chain restaurant. Shabu shabu is when you dip uncooked strips of meat (pork or beef) and dip them into a large hot pot (in the centre of the table) of a soup of your selection. You usually add vegetables too. You can even get a selection of soups as the hot pot is divided in half so you can have at least two different kinds of soup. I recommend the spicy soup and there is also a medicinal one that I can’t remember the name of…….Zen something. Absolutely delicious and healthy because there is no oil involved in the cooking. But, after you dip the cooked meat into some sauce (soya, or sesame or some other unhealthy sauces).

It's actually pretty good and there are places all over Japan. In Sapporo there are 5 establishments. The food is good and you can get an all you can eat and all you can drink plan for just over 4,000 yen per person. A great deal if you are hungry. Just keep on ordering

Here are the main branches downtown in Sapporo;

Odori, South 1, West 5

Susukino, South 3, West 3

Susukino, South 4, West 3

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