Best Value Sapporo Sushi

Sapporo sushi! Of course, if you come to Japan you must eat raw fish, sashimi, sushi....whatever you want to call it. Eat it!

It is the freshest in all of Japan. This delicacy can be expensive but you can also find cheap, great quality raw fish at the conveyor belt or sushi train restaurants.


This is definitely the best value for Sapporo sushi you can find in the city. Its fresh, very reasonably priced and tastes so good. You will be surprised at how cheap the dishes are.

I used to come here every friday night for "sushi night" after work and often went through about 6 or 7 plates, which came to just under 1000 yen and I was pleasantly full. You will see some tiny Japanese people with a pile of about 20 dishes each stacked right in front of them! Now, that's a LOT of sushi. The most I have ever had was 9 plates, including a beer.

The atmosphere is great and the sushi chefs are always very cheerful and constantly shout out orders to each other. Special promotions are blared out over the intercom at regular intervals so you can be guaranteed that the buzz and and excitement will always be there.

All pricing is calculated by the colour of the plate(see image below)that the sushi is on. So when you see something you like on the conveyor belt, take it, eat it and then stack up the plates. When you have finished eating call for the bill and the waiter will total up the number of the plates, give you a receipt which you then take to the till at the entrance of the restaurant and pay for your meal.....very efficient. The average cost for one person is 1000 - 1500 yen.

Each plate contains two pieces of sushi. They also have english menus with Japanese Kanji and corresponding hiragana so you can do some studying if you are prone to that. It's amazing the variety of fish they have in Japan. Half of the fish on the menu, I had never heard of.

Getting to the best value Sapporo sushi

Its located in the Stellar Place building on the 6th floor. Turn left when you come out of the elevator. Its right at the end of the floor just before the entrance to Daimaru.

Write your name down and be prepared for a wait of 30-45 minutes as there is always a queue. From 2015, the restaurant had a refurb, so now you make a reservation on a touch screen and get a ticket number instead. The interior has become a lot more modern looking too, but personally I think it's lost a little bit of its charm. Now, its like a sushi bar set in the future, a la Bladerunner, but not quite as depressing.

They also do take out for sushi parties too.

Opening hours; 1200-2200 everday

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