The Sapporo Science Center

As I’ve explained before, the amazing city of Sapporo is a place where you’re certainly not short on things to do. It really is a city that has it all, so rather than trying to sum up my feelings – or indeed list out everything you might want to try – in a single post, I figured it would be better to give one example at a time.

So, to start us off, in this post I’ve decided to tell you about the incredible Sapporo Science Center which can be a top day out for family and friends – or simply those of you who are interested in all-things scientific!

Getting to the Sapporo Science Center

Despite being located outside of the centre and in the southeast of the city, it’s pretty easy to find and reach the Science Center in Kagakukan Park. It’s also on the Tozai Line of the Sapporo subway and Shin-Sapporo Station is just around the corner if you’re travelling by rail. Like any tourist attraction though, it’s best to get there as early, as you can to beat the rush.

Great things to do

Dotted around three floors are upwards of 200 different things to see and do. As the name of this place suggests these are predominately showcasing different scientific and technical elements, but there are also displays of different marvels from the natural world.

I don’t want to give too much away but you’re certain to be left staring in wonder at all the incredible things going on around you. The main examples I can think of include the robot section and the third floor which is made to look like Japan’s ‘Kibo’ module from the ISS. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many gadgets and gizmos ranging from small components, to much bigger space age machines and hydraulics.

The Top Attraction

While there are hundreds of different exhibits, it’s my personal view that the top attraction is the planetarium, which since its renovation in 2016, has proved to be an interstellar hit with visitors. One of the most memorable parts of this experience was the view you get of the Milky Way as this includes over 100 million stars in glorious 4K.

In addition to this you get to voyage around the universe with calming narration – international travellers should be wary though that this commentary is only available in Japanese.

It’s not all about the galaxies either, there are entertaining extra shows held here that specifically designed for children and which are based on stories from local authors.

Extra Trip Advice

All of this was of course quite the work out for the mind and body – it takes a while to walk all the way around – and I remember working up quite the appetite. This was the only slight dark cloud on the day as there aren’t that many places you can sit down and get something to eat.

So, my final piece of advice to make sure this is the perfect day for you and whoever you go with, is to bring your own lunch so you’re not left feeling hungry.

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