Royal Century Hotel Sky restaurant Rondo

(Sapporo, Japan)

My friend recommended The Sky restaurant Rondo on the 23rd floor of the Royal Century Hotel for a romantic dinner such as a special birthday or anniversary. It's not cheap mind. Dinner courses start from 6,000 yen per person, not including drinks. I went here for an anniversary dinner and the food was fantastic. We went for a set course, which I highly recommend. Actually, I think there are only set courses available from about five options depending on the season.

The food is a mix of French with Asian fusion and each set menu has about 6-10 courses. The portion sizes for each course are perfect to make sure you are completely satisfied at the end of your meal. The timing that each course arrives spot on. The service was second to none, such that the waiting staff came by just at the right moments either for taking our empty plates away or topping up our wine glasses leaving us to our privacy. It was like they had some Jedi mind tricks going on or something. The whole meal lasted about 2 hours. It sounds long but seriously I only noticed how long we had been at the restaurant at the end of the meal. That was the only time I looked at my watch as I never felt that we were waiting for food to be brought out at any point.

A unique aspect of the Sky restaurant Rondo is that it revolves slowly while you are eating so you can have a full 360 view of Sapporo city. It is quite subtle, and at first I felt a little queasy (I get travel sick easily) but you get used to it after a while. It takes about 1 hour to revolve a full 360 degrees.

All in, the meal was about 25,000 yen for two including drinks (a bottle of wine).

Address: Royal Century Hotel, 23F, North 5, West 5
Telephone: 011 221 3008

Check out the website below for set courses available

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