Ramen Sumire

Miso Ramen (needs Charsui!)

Miso Ramen (needs Charsui!)

Ramen Sumire is popular among the locals and one of the best ramen shops in Nakanoshima (so my friend tells me). I should really write about ramen shops a lot more than I do because I eat a lot of it, especially when I’m drunk. For me ramen is my kebab substitute (I’m British) for when I’m wasted (a kebab is hard to find in the early hours in Sapporo) so I usually forget to take photos, or in most cases I even forget that I had even been there!

Ramen is also good hangover food, so one hungover Sunday I decided to hunt down a good place to eat my favourite noodle. I was recommended Ramen Sumire in Nakayoshima. There are other branches around Sapporo Japan, but this one is the main branch. You might need a car to get there but there are other branches around the city which are accessible without a motor.

I usually eat shiyo (salty) ramen because I like salty things when I'm drunk, but Miso ramen is famous here so I went for it.

The miso soup ramen was good but was lacking in toppings. A slice of charsui (roast pork) would have been nice. Most places give a slice as standard. The delicious thick noodles were cooked just right; not too soft and not too hard. The soup was really good, oily and a little thick. Supposedly they put some hot oil on top of the soup and it stops the ramen from cooling down. It seemed to work but I ate mine quite quick so it was hard to tell if my food would of stayed hot the whole time.

I've never had shoyu (soya sauce) ramen before. The idea of drinking a large bowl of soya sauce just didn't appeal to me. It's my freind's favourite so I tried a bit and was pleasantly surprised. The miso was better though.

The main branch is big and is a stand alone building in the middle of a housing estate. I'm guessing it can seat about 40 people.

This place was busy on Sunday lunch and had a lively vibrant atmosphere, but the service was still your usual high standard of Japanese efficiency. Cute waitresses too……..

There are three branches in Sapporo:

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Jun 03, 2014
good soup
by: sonia

I liked the oily soup, but lacking in toppings.

Feb 10, 2015
by: Daz

A bunch of mates were up from Tokyo and 1 of them was adamant that this was the best ramen shop in Sapporo, so we made the trek out to its honten (original shop- he said it could only be the original!). Even although I had a couple of great ones up my sleeve to show them, it was them on holiday so I gave in and we headed over to Sumire. Apart from the crappy location…..blink and you'll miss the turn-off, the place was pretty cool looking and very busy!! We sat down and I ordered my usual miso ramen. When it came…..hmm….it was OK. Nothing to write home about, soup was decent for sure, but just not the umami special that other places I know have. The trek out in a snowstorm was definitely not worth the effort! IF you live nearby, then sure it'd be in my ramen repertoire, it wasn't expensive and tasted pretty good…….it just wasn't THE greatest ramen in Sapporo!

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