People Drinking alcohol at
Electric Sheep

Young attractive people drinking alcohol can be found at this popular haunt with a great view of the city. It’s located on the 9th floor of a building right in the heart of the entertainment district of Susukino.

electric sheep in sapporo japan

The bar is on the corner of the building and the two corner walls are made of glass with a counter going all the way round. Take your date there and they will be very impressed. The place is always busy on the weekend so if you are planning to have a large group, make sure to make a reservation beforehand. But, if there is just two or three of you, there will be no problem just walking in and you shouldn’t have a problem getting a seat at the window, well I don’t every time I go.

electric sheep building entrance sapporo japan

There is always attractive people drinking alcohol here and the bar is open planned so if you got the balls, it’s a fun place to chat up some pretty girlies or guys. If that’s not your game then people watch from the window of the Susukino night life down below. You’ll be able to see the police station too so watch out for those crooks and Susukino girls walking by. My female friends always seem to get chatted up by drunk Japanese guys when they come here, which can be fun but they tell me they have terrible game, and are usually married anyway. See it as Japanese practice.

The place may be a little difficult to find because all the building names are written in Japanese. So to stop you from walking around in circles (like I did) I’ve circled the entrance of the building in red.

I really like the atmosphere and décor here. It’s very modern and chic with candles everywhere and these crazy star shaped bulbs hanging down from the ceiling, kind of a spacy, intergalactic kind of feel. Even though there are lots of people drinking alcohol and it’s open it also feels intimate so it can be a nice romantic place if you want to be left alone with your date. Also because of the lack of lighting everyone looks great and if you need glasses (but never wear them) like me then it’s like I’m surrounding by hot people…..and then the beer goggles come on!

They have a good nomihodai (all you can drink plan) priced at 2500 yen for two hours and includes one dish per person off the food menu. You could also just have the nomihodai without the Japan food at a cheaper price of about 2000 yen, but the bar snacks are pretty good albeit small. I had the deep fried squid last time and it was awwwwwesome! Tequila is also available on the nomihodai menu which can be very very dangerous as is always the case when tequila is involved. I love tequila and it’s almost impossible to just do one shot. Of course, you can order by the drink and the bar drinks bar drinks start from 600 yen a pop.

cocktail at electric sheep sapporo japan

The nomihodai has a good selection of drinks and cocktails but doesn’t include the more expensive better quality drinks like high class scotch, but there is always a cheaper alternative and when you are plastered anyway it’s hard to tell the difference. I love nomihodais and they are such good value for money. Electric sheep has one of the drink menus I have had so far. Good beer, strong cocktails in fancy glasses and pretty decent tequila (not bottom of the barrel).

Getting There


Watanabe Bldg. 9F, Minami 4, Nishi 2 Chuo-ku, Sapporo, HAKKAIDO PREFECTURE 064-0804

Telephone number: +81 ( 0 )11 520 2233

Open everyday from 18:00 to 04:00

From Subway Namboku Line (green) Susukino Station take Exit 3 and it’s about a 2 minute walk.

From Subway Toho Lin (blu)e Hosui-Susukino Station it’s about a 3 minute walk.

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