Looop girls bar

by Ben
(Sapporo Japan)

Grill Tooth and Leopard Girl

Grill Tooth and Leopard Girl

Looop, that’s right there are three o’s in the name so hold on to your horses you grammar geeks……..I know who you are! Looop is a girl’s bar / pole dance club / half naked girls walking around bar in Susukino, Sapporo Japan. It’s basically a bar where hot(mostly) girls in bikinis walk around, pour you drinks, and chat to you. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It could be a good place for a stag or bachelor party with your boys during the night.

When you walk in there is a stage in the centre of the dark lit bar which feels kind of seedy, but it is what you expect a club like this should be. There’s a pole in the centre of the stage and the pole dancers are good, hot bodies with muscular legs spinning and twirling like crazy. The pole dancer we saw was amazing. She was climbing up the pole upside down with her big strong legs and then span in a circle when she reached the ceiling. She had a hot tanned body, with dyed blonde hair, Ganguro style.

After she finished, the rest of the girls in the club perform a little dance show to various, cheesy pop tracks. The dancing was mainly terrible and the girls looked kind of awkward, as they were prancing to routines in scantily clad bikinis and stripper, “fuck me” heels. At the end of their little show, they walk around in a circle smiling and waving to all the punters and give everyone high fives (?).

After that they go around the bar talking to customers and pouring drinks. The conversation was pretty rubbish. The girls that I spoke to (Japanese only) seemed really bored. It was like talking to a robot. Their eyes just gleaned over like they really didn’t give a shit. I mean come on! Your job is to talk to customers and I’m bloody entertaining you. You should be paying me bitch!

If you’re good at talking to girls, you can have some fun, but if you’re shy, don’t expect them to fill that void. The girls will just sit there and stare into space………aaaawkward!

Some of the girls were pretty hot, with tight slim bodies. Some of the girls were chubby and cute, all aged between 20 and 26, but most of the grills on these girls were messed up. And they say that British people have terrible teeth. Most of the girls seemed like university students trying to earn an easy buck. The less cuter girls were more fun and tried to have a good time, whereas the hotter girls just sat down and pouted moodily.

There’s no touching, only talking. The price on the door said 3,880 yen for an hour including nomihodai (all you can drink), but actually it costs more than that. The bill actually came to 4,900 yen each after our hour was up. That was including tax and the girls “talking” to us. I expect it would cost a bomb if you stayed over your designated hour. Some of us got bored so we left a little before our designated finish time.

It was worth coming here once because there aren’t many places where you can speak to hot girls in bikinis, and watch some pole dancing in Sapporo. You just leave the place feeling horny and frustrated and 5,000 yen poorer, kind of like strip clubs.

Minami 7, Nishi 3, Susukino, Bell 7 building, 7F, Sapporo Japan
Looop is located down the main susukino road opposite Rad Brothers on the corner.

Telephone: 011-206-4323

19:30 - 22:00 2,800 yen + 10% tax
22:00 - 25:00 3,800 yen + 10% tax

View 札幌 すすきの エンターテイメント ガールズバー ループ LoooP in a larger map

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Jan 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

Expensive and most of the girls are ugly.

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