Join Sapporo American Sushi Bar

(Sapporo, Japan)

Callifornia Roll

Callifornia Roll

Do you like American style sushi? You know, the sushi rolls with avocado, cream cheese, cucumber and a tiny bit of fish all rolled into one, that everyone thought was 'real' sushi until they came to Japan. Well, Join Sapporo, is a bar in M's Building that claims to provide just that; American style sushi. Join Sapporo is more of a bar than a restaurant so it has a very casual atmosphere decorated with American Memorabilia. It feels a bit cheesy but you get the impression that the owner really really likes America.

The sushi rolls are good though and probably the best in Sapporo Japan. There is a good variety too, and not overly expensive. I had a variety dish which included four pieces of the classic California Roll, and a plate of Crab Roll. What was interesting was that the sushi was presented gourmetesque with some jazzy dips and sauces splashed about strategically on an oversized plate. Not really necessary as it feels a bit over-done and a complete contrast with the overall theme of the bar.

Another good point about this bar is that they have craft beer, yay for beer lovers. On the down side, the beers are small, like tumbler size small, and for 720 yen a pop, so don't expect to get drunk here. You can also get your regular bar style foods but go for the sushi. It's good! A good place to hang out with some friends and drink some over-priced beer. Although, traditional Japanese sushi is the frigging bomb, sometimes I miss the mish mash of flavours that 'real' sushi provides. I'll definitely come here again.

Telephone: 011-213-0622
Address: South 3, West 7 Tanuikoji Arcade
Opening times: 18:00 - 02:00 (closed on Mondays)

This cool little sushi joint is located inside M's Building (M's ビルヂング) at the end of the Takunikikoji Arcade South 7, West 3 on the 2nd floor. M's Building is a really cool place with lots of small bars and restaurants. The M's group have other buildings with a small collection of eateries dotted around the downtown area. The locations are at: South 4, West 1; South 2, East 1; South 3, East 7; South 2, West 7.

Click here for pictures of the M's Buildings.

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