Top Japanese Restaurant – Nakau

Nakau is a top Japanese restaurant chain and provides food fast…..very fast.

A japanese restaurant nakau shop front

Gyudon! Gyudon! Gyudon! Or beef bowl! Beef bowl! Beef bowl! Nakau is one of the kings of the top fast food restaurant chains in Japan at providing this dish. There is literally a full time discount on this dish, at 250 yen for a medium size bowl. The regular price is 290 yen but with the discount the price, is the same as a small sized portion so it’s a no-brainer. Most Japanese people will order a raw egg to crack over the top too. I prefer it without the egg.

a japanese restaurant nakau gyudon

Actually, I prefer to eat gyudon and get in-n-out at Matsuya because the beef seems to be of better quality, but the price is a little higher starting at 340 yen for a medium bowl, so it depends how my funds are looking.

This Japanese restaurant has a fairly varied menu which includes curry dishes, and katsu (pork cutlet fried in a special batter) dishes, and udon (thick white noodles in soup). Note that udon is very different from the Japanese noodles, ramen .

There are also set meals to choose from. A pretty standard set would be gyudon with miso soup and three pieces of fried chicken, all for a great price of 540 yen. Ohhhh, the fried chicken……delicious! Very unhealthy though, as you can imagine.

The skin is nice and crispy and it’s usually dripping with oil when you receive it, like they’ve just got them out of the deep fat fryer. 100 yen for 3 pieces. You can’t beat that. Or you can get 10 pieces for 300 yen. On some drunken nights home I’ll stumble in at about 3am (yes, Nakau is open 24 hours) and order a bag of 10 pieces of fried chicken to take away. I love them!

My favourite dish here is the katsu curry (pork cutlet on rice with curry sauce). A very hearty meal and only 590 yen. Well worth it.

japanese restaurant nakau katsu curry

The button below says Katsu curry.

japanese restaurant nakau katsu curry button

Another one my favourite dishes is the katsu don (pork cutlet covered in a half cooked egg on top of rice). Very heavy and unhealthy so I try not to eat this so often, special occasions only.

japanese restaurant nakau katsudon

If I’m a bit broke or it’s just before payday I’ll eat a gyudon or a bowl of Udon. The Udon is a really good “drunk food” and comes in various forms. There is the straight noodle and soup option, the fish slice and udon option(this is similar to what you get in fish balls, kind of chewy and bland), and other combinations.

All come in different sizes and range from 200 yen to 350 yen. On a drunken night out, this would be my regular choice accompanied with, of course, some fried chicken. Yum yum. Cheaper than ramen, also a great “when I’m drunk” food, and not as heavy.

I go to Nakau at least once a week as the service is so quick and efficient. It really amazes me how the Japan food still tastes pretty good, even though it arrives two minutes after the server has taken my ticket. I don’t really want to know how they make the food, but I’m sure it’s all kosher because the place is always packed, so they must be doing something right. (vending machine pic)

This Japanese restaurant has a vending machine at the entrance but they do not have pictures on the buttons anymore. Therefore, if you can’t read Japanese you will struggle. They used to have pictures on the buttons but from 2011 they changed it……maybe to keep the foreigners away! There is a menu (usually a poster) by the entrance with pictures, so you can find what you’re looking for beforehand.

Before you select your dish you have to select whether you want to eat in or take out. Select the left button to eat in.

japanese restaurant nakau eat in button

Then select your dish. Take your ticket and change, choose a seat and a server will take your ticket and bring you a beverage, usually green tea or water. They will ask you for a confirmation when they take your ticket. Just say “hai” (yes). Your meal will arrive very soon.

The breakfast is also very hearty and filling. There are a couple of set meals to choose from and include a bowl of rice, miso soup, a dish of pickles, natto (fermented bean curd), a piece of salmon. All for the price of 390 yen. Available in the mornings until 9am.

Enjoy the experience at this top Japanese restaurant.

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