Interplay Cafe and Deli


Interplay is a small cafe and deli near Maruyama Koen, and kinda in an inconvenient location, but they do the biggest, most delicious sandwiches in Sapporo. Seriously, the sandwiches are huge. I had the beef sandwich with potato wedges and it was hard to eat everything. It might even be better to share one sandwich between two people, unless you are hungry. I was with my friend (Japanese girl) and she could only manage one half of the sandwich.

The cafe is very retro with lots of old memorabilia, like record players, teddy bears, road signs etc. Well, to be honest, I think they just might be very old, as all come accompanied with natural dust! My friend was not impressed. The actual physical menu was very basic, hand written with felt pen on white paper, and no pictures. Definitely not something you will usually see anywhere else in Japan. The staff member (owner?) really seemed like he didn't give a rat's arse about anything. He used casual Japanese, unlike practically everyone in the Japanese service industry, didn't smile, and grunted a lot. I liked him. Despite this and the appearance of the cafe he's a great cook and makes a killer sandwich. I will definitely go back.


Sapporo, Chuo ku, south 7, West 20.

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