Hina Chan Hiroshima Syle Okonomiyaki

(Sapporo, Japan)

Hina Chan is a Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Sapporo Japan. Okonomiyaki is a kind of pancake with vegetables (mainly diced up cabbage and onions) mixed with meat or seafood and grilled on a hotplate. Hiroshima style has a little twist to the standard recipe in that yakisoba noodles are added underneath. I'm not a huge fan of okonomiyaki but I love Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. I think it's because the standard type was never that filling for me and felt more like a snack than a meal. But Hiroshima style definitely satisfies that hunger.

Hina Chan is my favourite okonomiyaki restaurant in Sapporo Japan. There are other Hiroshima style ones around town but they haven't made a lasting impression on me so I have forgotten what they are. Hina Chan is always busy and they only accept one reservation (there is only one table at the back). Other than that, you have to wait for a counter seat. If you go early (before 6pm) you should have no problem getting a seat but once the evening is in full swing, expect to wait an hour or so.

The menu is great. You can order all sorts of toppings, such as egg, bacon, seafood, or all of it together. And if you are feeling really hungry you can order a large size. Medium was perfect for me. If you have never had Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, then this is the best place in Sapporo Japan to try it. It is just as good (but not better) as the ones found in Hiroshima city. The first time I had okonomiyaki in Hiroshima I was blown away. My opinion on standard okonomiyaki hasn't changed, but I consider Hiroshima style a completely different animal. It's the bigger, badder, ivy league, superstar brother. I took my little girl here for her first okonomiyaki experience in a restaurant (we made it at home) and she absolutely loved it. She even said it was her favourite meal of all time, even better than sushi! And she has never said that about any food.

Opens from 3pm. Closed on Mondays.

Address: Tanukikoji arcade, South 3, West 6, 1F

Telephone: 011-522-7782

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Feb 10, 2020
Rude owner
by: Anonymous

We (7-people) specifically went to Hina Chan for their Okonomiyaki at about 4:00pm during the Sapporo Winter Festival. Only one customer sitting at the counter. We knew from previous visits, that it was a small place The owner/ head chef was rude and just told us that for 7-people we needed a reservation!!! Saying that he doesn’t have enough seats. We said we would sit in two groups and be out in an hours, but he still denied to serve us. Very disappointed as we had been there before and specifically drove into Sapporo after skiing to have okonomiyaki. Doesn’t make sense as he didn’t have any customers and middle of the day. Will never go back - for Japan one of the worst experience I’ve had over 40-years of going to Japan.

Jun 04, 2018
Open on Mondays
by: Anonymous

Actually it's open on Mondays.

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