Healthiest Fast Food – Mos Burger

The healthiest fast food is served here at this top restaurant chain.

healthiest fast food mos burger front

Well, we all know that fast food is not very good for our bodies, but Mos Burger is a Japan food and therefore slightly healthier than those other fast food joints around Sapporo Japan. Here is why.

They do not work under your usual “get your food in under 5 minutes or get your money back” approach that most regular fast food restaurants do. They put a lot of emphasis on freshness and serving the healthiest fast food. That is evident when you enter the restaurants. They seem a little fancier and cleaner than your regular Macdonalds. They have comfortable seating, nice, relaxing lighting and the atmosphere is very welcoming, so you don’t feel that you are being rushed to get in-n-out and make room for the next customers. A lot of students can be found studying in Mos Burger too, so feel free to stay as long as you like.

The burgers are always cooked to order which means that it takes a little longer to get your food, but you know that’s it going to be good. Some restaurants I’ve been to even have a window where you can see the burgers being prepared.

healthiest fast food mos burger kitchen

Another good point is that the restaurants are never crazy busy so you won’t you have to wait long to order. Understandably the prices are more expensive, but I think the price is worth it and you can definitely tell in the taste and presentation of the food. The burgers are always served in a paper bag so that the fillings and sauces don’t fall out everywhere. The food also comes in these nice little baskets which gives it that little bit more class.

My favourite burger is the Sausan yasai burger (thousand island dressing and salad burger). They always pile this burger with tones of lettuce and a huge slice of tomato. The Thousand island dressing just tops it all off. It costs 320 yen for the burger and then extra costs if you want to add other options such as chips, onion rings, and a drink to your meal. A typical set meal will set you back around 600 to 650 yen.

healthiest fast food sausan yasai burger

Other Burgers

Here are some other burgers on the menu.

healthiest fast food mos burger menu 01
healthiest fast food mos burger menu 02
healthiest fast food mos burger menu 03
healthiest fast food mos burger menu 04

The service is also great. It’s almost like a proper restaurant with table service, but not quite. Remember Mos Burger is still a fast food joint after all. The menu at the counter has pictures of everything so if you can’t read Japanese, don’t worry, choose what you think looks good and point at the picture and say “kore onegaishimasu” (this please). You order at the counter and then they give you a number sign that you put on your table. You choose a seat and once your food is ready they bring it over to you. Awesome! If you want some ketchup or mayonnaise they don’t give you small sachets, oh no, they give you a generous helping in a small bowl and then bring it over to your table.

If you want take out it works the same way. Place your order, they give you a number sign, take a seat (and a magazine if you wish) and then they bring over your food when it’s ready. And then they walk you to the door and see you off…..bowing! Now that is what I call service.

healthiest fast food mos burger christmas

Christmas in Japan is a time for couples and fried chicken, so everyone will be heading down to KFC on Christmas Eve. Mos Burger has also jumped onto the Christmas band wagon and they provide their own range of fried chicken dishes during this festive time.

I love junk food and after living in Sapporo Japan for some time, I believe that Mos Burger has the healthiest fast food.

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