Gombei Spice in Asabu

by Tara
(North 24 (kita 24 jo))


To get there, go out Exit 5 (North Exit) of Asabu Station (the last stop on the Nanboku Subway Line), go right, and make a right at the first little street you come to (if you hit the Lawson's, you've gone too far) and then its just a few paces down on your right.

The main reason I like this sweet little place is that it uses alot of organic veggies (not sure what percent but I know they have connections with an organic farm near Kita Hiroshima) and, more importantly, it has delicious soup. A social conscience is the least of reasons you should go to Gombei Spice; the veggies taste super yummy and the decor is pretty comfortable. It doesn't have any windows though I think, if thats a big deal for you. The soup base is the thin style, so if you like soup curry with a thicker base, more like Thai or Indian curry style, then, you might not like it. I like anything that tastes awesome, so Gombei Soup base fit the bill.

As testimony to just how much I like their soup base, I am willing to go there even though they don't have a seafood curry or cheese topping. I'm a pescatarian (don't eat any meat except seafood and eggs), but I hate rabbit food masquerading (sp?) as "vegetarian cuisine", so normally I rule out soup curry places that don't have a seafood curry or cheese or something that makes food taste good. The average vegetable-only curry option at soup curry shops is just not a meal to me because there is no protein. So, the first time I went to Gombei Spice, I was extremely skeptical, but oh my god, I not only survived a soup curry consisting only of vegetables, but went back for more on other occassions.

One thing that eased my cheese-withdrawal symptoms was the avocado topping. (Yes! Something with fat!) Other people I know that go there say that the chicken one is good.

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May 31, 2011
by: Dave

Thanks for the recommendation. My girlfriend really liked it and as it is so close to us (we live in Kitasanjuyojo) we'll be going there again.

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