Zero Ramen

Special Miso

Special Miso

Special Miso

Awesome ramen shop in the centre of town. Located in Tanukikoji 1 chome between Odori and Susukino. Get the special miso as it comes with a huge piece of charsui, grilled on one side. It is delicious!

Make sure to go early as stuff usually gets sold out by the early evening. I'd recommend going early lunch time. It's busy and you might have to wait a little while but it's worth it.

Address: South 2, West 1, Tanukikoji Arcade.

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Oct 04, 2014
Death by Char shu!
by: Daz

If you love char-shu then this is THE place…….a huge strip of thick pork belly, BBQ'd just before its placed on top of your bowl which gives it some nice chargrilled lines across it and makes the fat melt in your mouth. I only gave it 4 stars and not 5 because, while the soup is good, its not really outstanding……but the pork is! You won't be disappointed, its a good soup, good noodles and awesome roast pork…..and the staff are really friendly and like to chat away asking about why you are in Sapporo etc

Nov 07, 2014
Good pork
by: Ben

I agree with Daz. Awesome pork, soup is good but not the best I've had. It's always busy too and they usually sell out pretty quick so they are mostly closed in the late evenings.

Apr 08, 2015
One of the best in my book
by: Anonymous

I love the charred pork and also the soup, which is not too salty, unlike the typical Japanese ramen. Either no MSG or very little MSG was used. I finished the whole thing including the soup and also my wife's :) After I left, the Chef ran out of the kitchen to talk to me at the door and I told him gochiso! He was very happy about that.

Must try the charred BBQ pork noodle when you are here. This is something that you don't usually get at the ramen place elsewhere.

Oct 15, 2015
Good post
by: Darien Hermiston

Hello! Your site is great!

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