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Below are websites and blogs that I recommend to visitors and have built good relationships with.

Martial Arts Insight provides unique online perspectives into the fighting arts as forms of self-defense, to promote health and well-being and reduce stress, as sports, for personal development and the pursuit of personal success and as a way of life to foster spiritual enlightenment through meditation. In addition we examine the historical, cultural and psychological factors that have and continue to shape the development of the martial arts.

Kumaboshi Blog is a blog written by a friend of mine who also lives in Sapporo. His blog has some very useful information on all things Japan such as anime, J-pop, movies, cafes and restaurants in Sapporo. A section I really like in his blog is about burger shops in Sapporo with a detailed map included. Check it out.

Snowblind in Sapporo is a blog written by another friend of mine who lives in Sapporo and is craaaaazy about snowboarding. She averages about 90-100 days a season and she knows everything there is to know about snowboarding in Hokkaido. Check out her blog for more details on places to go, surfing, and the best powder in the world.

Japanese Buddhism is a website about, you guessed it, Buddhism in Japan. Japanese religion is an amalgam of Shinto and Buddhism. Most Japanese are not very religious but more superstitious. They will follow the major rituals at either the temple or the shrine but they don't necessarily believe in the religion as such.

Japan Living provides tonnes of useful information from people who are actually doing it. If you are thinking of living, working or traveling in Japan, check out this website.

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